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Among the greatest challenges faced by digital marketing firms Sydney is the task of creating an SEO-friendly website for lead generation. Such a site would have good organic search engine visibility resulting in more profitable leads.

Now unfortunately not too many online advertising company out there do a good job of handling the above-mentioned task much to the frustration of its users. If you’re going to spend on web marketing experts such as digital marketing firms Australia then it would be best to opt for the ones who can really knock the ball out of the SEO park. Anything less and you risk running an ineffective web marketing campaign and lose a lot of money in the process.

What to look out for when hiring a digital marketing agency for SEO?

Indeed its important to make sure that you’re hiring a digital marketing agency that is truly capable of doing good SEO and it all starts with keyword research. In the absence of a good keyword strategy, your website won’t have pages for any popular search terms that your prospects may be using online. The result - a costly website that is about as useful as a paper weight and will ultimately cost a lot more to redesign and fix.

When it comes to dealing with online marketing agencies in Sydney, it helps to know exactly what to look out for. Confirm the ability of any digital marketing agency by going through the following areas:

Web design

Sure you may be pleased with the overall look of the website that they’re offering to build for you but effective web design is more than just aesthetics. You’ve got to look into the user side of things perhaps the most important of which is “responsiveness”.

A responsive web design allows your website to adapt to the optimal screen settings on whatever device it is viewed on (desktops, tablet computers, smart phones, etc). Incorporating such a feature in your web design is crucial given the recent “mobilegeddon” Google update which increases search engine visibility for mobile-friendly websites. Don’t get left behind!


Nearly 2 decades later and content is king when it comes to SEO. In order to succeed, your digital marketing agency needs to be able to supply you with quality and well optimised content derived from a solid keyword strategy. This is one of the top ranking factor in search engines; Google in particular has become very proficient in determining whether a web content is useful, relevant, or interesting enough to be seen on the search engine. This applies to both title tags and the body of your content.

Link structure

Equally important as quality web content is your website’s link structure. Your web marketing expert needs to be able to demonstrate its ability to build a good link structure for your website. This is important particularly when it comes to internal links as it gives search engines a hint on which pages on your website are most useful or relevant to a given search query.

Web pages that are most important to a business needs to appear more frequently and sit higher unto the URL structure (preferably next to the domain) making it more prominent for both users and search engines alike.


How fast (or slow) your website loads is now widely recognised as a ranking factor for Google and is well worth optimising for. More importantly, actual users rarely wait more than a few seconds for a web page to load before moving on to something else costing business precious leads. A good digital marketing agency like Think Big Online ought to be able to provide you with an efficient website design paired with powerful web hosting services that would enable your web pages to load as quickly as possible. Visit http://www.thinkbigonline.com/online-marketing-services/ for more information. ]]>